DIVANO” the name itself describe the luxury styling sofas and many more. We stepped in the royal city Mysuru on 27th November 2016 bringing you the most awaited products from Stanley and Repose. We intend to bring the quality product at an affordable price to enhance your style of living in this modern era. Now you can have all those amazing design sofas, dining tables, Centre table, mattress, pillows and many more in your city. We manufacture leather sofas, fabrics and art leather with customization


Our aim is to turn houses to homes in giving our customers to customize up to their own taste which they always dreamed. At "Divano" we are motivated to give quality products at an affordable price.


The beauty lies in the smallest details, excellence is always shown in bringing the perfection at a single glance. We at “Divano” work hard to bring out every smallest details live to make every corner beautiful for everyone to turn back to watch again.



Differentiate your style – Add a touch of your own unique styling you always wanted to design your home with something new and customized luxury sofas, Centre tables, dining tables and more...


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